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Hi Shawna,
I’m still on my honeymoon, but I just | wanted to send you a quick thank you for the job you did at our wedding!! The flowers were AMAZING(!!!) and the hit of the night!. I still have people commenting on how great they were. Sarah from PLD was really impressed too and said she wanted her co-worker who is getting married to contact you for her wedding.  I can’t thank you enough!


What a beautiful and fabulous wedding.  You definitely set a beautiful stage: the colors and the centerpieces were just magnificent.  I don’t know how many of our guests came up to me to tell me that they felt like they were attending one of the Hollywood extravaganzas that you often see on TV and felt like movie stars.  The tent really added romance and the location was just perfect.  When I first saw it, I just stood there for a while trying to absorb all of the colors coming from within….which were very bright but very calming at the same time.  I am glad we went with the 2 pedestal flower arrangements for the church which complimented the background color of the statues.  It was just perfect.  But when the guests saw the tented dining area on the lawn, they were just in awe.  And when the guests were finally seated on their tables, many were touching the flowers to see if they were real.  Many could not believe how huge the centerpieces were.  And the ones who were lucky enough to take one home were just ecstatic………..believe it or not, one had tears in her eyes……just could not believe how beautiful the flowers were.

The bouquets were also fabulous, especially with the blings added to it.  And of course the bridal bouquet with the added rosary, bracelet, hummingbird, etc made it more special.  Dawn loved it. Honestly, EVERYTHING turned out perfect and I want you to know that you played a very important part of setting the right stage, the right mood (which was magical and dreamy).  WE THANK YOU AND YOUR STAFF FOR THIS.  Even Jerre said it was all worth it. Shawna, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I know that some brides need full control about how the flowers are going to look, but I knew enough about Shawna and her biz (having used them before….) to know I had nothing to worry about.  Wedding color/theme, a list of how many bouquets, corsages, etc. and a budget.  That was it.  The flowers she picked GORGEOUS, the arrangement, BEAUTIFUL.  Completely trusted her and never had to worry about a thing.  Yay for Shawna!  Thanks for making it all a BREEZE!

Tracy T.

I’ve been meaning to send you a note since last night to tell you how absolutely gorgeous the flowers were for our team dinner last night. You outdid yourself and blew us all away! We walked in to the private dining room and it smelled and looked gorgeous because of you! Thank you!!

We were all so impressed and you spoiled us and made me look great too!! Thank you for the beautiful arrangements and everything you do for our events.



Hi Shawna,
Thank you so much for the gorgeous flowers!  I am enjoying them sooooo much!  They are absolutely beautiful!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It was so fun walking into our dining room and seeing all the flowers on the table.  What a dream!