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Purple, Fuchsia,and Chartreuse

Purple, Fuchsia,and Chartreuse

We usually get a fairly eclectic mix of colors each wedding year, but the one color  that seems to endure is purple.  My brides love purple. They love any tint, shade, or tone of purple from lavender to fuchsia to violet.  The draw of purple for me and perhaps others is its ability to convey a mood. Lavenders can be soft and romantic or sad and wistful. Violets can be exciting and sensual or dark and dangerous. Whatever family of purple it may be, I try to suggest and purchase the flowers that best convey the mood of the event.

This particular wedding was at one of our favorite venues Silver Creek Country Club.  Our bride wanted predominantly purples for her floral decoration, but was afraid everything would read too dark. We suggested the addition of some brighter color flowers such as fuchsia phalaenopsis and super green roses.  In our experience,  the addition of chartreuse or bright green works very well to brighten a dark purple palette.


Photos by Joe Homsy





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